Wednesday, September 5, 2018

We are Family: Thoughts on Kousima and Muralipa (Guest Post by my wife Nandu)

Kousima and I are have evolved to become the best of friends.  I love how she is very chilled out and easy going.  Her mantra for life is to live happily today and not worry about tomorrow.  I think over the years, through our highs and lows, I have clearly understood who she is as a person.  Our best times are when we shop and cook together.  She is an inspiration to any woman and has so much to teach any millennial kid.  As a family, we have tried to be there for her especially in recent times- the days leading up to Shoba or Thathamma's demise.  

Muralipa and I are two peas in a pod.  We think alike, laugh aloud at the same jokes and just get it when no one in the room gets it.  It's like we were best friends in our previous birth.  Over the years, the mutual admiration has grown manifold and we respect the things that we hold close to us.  Muralipa is religious and his love for Tamil language is something I truly admire. I totally enjoy our TV time together as he invariably has everyone in the room in splits with his awesome sense of humor. 

Life is so short.  We need to learn to create new memories with our loved ones so that we can enjoy the boon that is life.

I wish this awesome and rocking couple a very happy wedding anniversary.  My heartfelt wishes for a great year filled with lots of laughter and happiness.  I'm sure you readers will join me in saying a prayer for their long and healthy life.  Cheers!


Unknown said...

So very sweet of Nandu!One should be like you and her- recognising and cherishing the best in others ,deriving happiness from little gestures of affection too and making the best of others' company in life!You two are blessed children and so are the people around you to have you in this life's journey.May God bless you more and more through life. I wish I am fortunate to have a dil like her and a sil like Ram!Sounds too greedy?!!Ram,this time I cld reply immediately!

Veena Harsha said...

Awww, such a beautiful write- up! They are indeed a rocking couple. wishing Babu and Murali a life time of happiness and good health!

Zola said...

"Life is so short. We need to learn to create new memories with our loved ones so that we can enjoy the boon that is life." LOVELY !

I had the privilege of talking to 'Kousima" over the phone last year. Quite a torrent of energy I must say ! And also discovered she's a fellow bean counter :)

Very thoughtful gift for the Wedding Anniversary !

Ram Murali said...

Radhika Aunty / Veena / Ravishanker - thank you all for your sweet, encouraging comments for Nandu's write-up.