Tuesday, December 18, 2018

10,000 words

For your reading...err...viewing pleasure, here are ten images from thamizh cinema that refuse to leave me.

Every additional word is superfluous - so, I have restricted each description to 10 words or less.

Note: Not every image is a 'haunting' one - humorous moments are memorable too, right!

Parthiban fiddles with a beedi as a slum burns

Naekka? Noakka? Naekum Noakuma?  Adorable Innocence meets Spontaneous Charm

96 - an 'incomplete' gesture stands in the way of closure

A divorce notice on a birthday?  Potential melodrama, Exquisite underplay.

Sridevi passed on in 2018.  Achieved immortality in 1980. 

PC Sreeram teaches us framing while Sivaji Ganesan teaches acting!

Something tragic about idealism falling prey to power and greed

Filial responsibility expressed in exquisite fashion.  Thank you, director Vasanth.

Kamal becomes Velu Nayakar, Mani Ratnam a legend, Nayagan a benchmark.

Movies may come, movies may go, Mahanadhi will stay forever...

Youtube links that 'contain' the images:


Zola said...

Ram : Thanks so much for giving me a great daily "fix". That "10,000 words" heading was a red herring.

Sooper !

Unknown said...

Lovely to see this. I think of you every time I remember the "Unakku konjam nalladhu nadakkalaam" line. Maybe because you are also that kind of nallavar? (Or more of the Vadivelu kind of nallavar?) :)

Ram Murali said...

Zola - mikka nandri * 10 :)

Iswarya - LOL! Evlo adichaalum thaangirken nu sollunga!! Elaam indha internet naala vandha vena!

Zola said...

"PC Sreeram teaches us framing while Sivaji Ganesan teaches acting!"


Venkatesh said...

I was sure that PP and Ryhthm would somehow manage to find a place here. :)

Ram Murali said...

Zola - :)
Venkatesh - :))

Happy new year!

Venkatesh said...

Happy New Year, Ram!