Friday, January 27, 2023

Single Take #1 – No questions asked

Note to readers – I am starting a series titled, “Single Take.”  These sketches will be shorter than my usual blog posts.  I will be alternating between the short and the longer write-ups just as an experiment.  I would welcome any feedback and constructive criticism.  Happy reading!


I finally understood what religious people experienced when they entered the premises of a temple.  Thanks to the efforts of journalist S Shiva Kumar, I was allowed inside Ilayaraja’s studio in Chennai.  As I stood outside the building, only a glass door separated me and him.  I saw him.  More accurately, “I saw HIM.”  The security guard let me know that I should stand next to him until HE would wave at him.  Much to my amusement, he said, “Why don’t you move to my left so that you are not in Aiyya’s line of sight?  Once Aiyya waves to me, I shall let you in.”  I said to myself, “Ram, no, don’t try to respond with some lame, ‘witty’ remark.  You are going to soon be let inside ILAYARAJA's studio.  Just follow instructions to the letter.”  So, I did.  While I waited, I asked the guard for any tips he could offer.  Among other things, one piece of instruction stood out – “Keep your volume down.”  If he had only listened to the beats of my heart, he would have been scurrying to buy cotton balls for even the drummers in the studio.

The King must have waved to his guard.  For the latter told me, “Aiyya koopadraru.  Ulla poanga.”  As I entered the studio, the maestro gave me a hint of a smile and gestured me to sit down.  As I took my seat, the first words out of my mouth were, “I don’t have any questions for you, Sir.”  In response to the quizzical look, I continued, “Sir, I have grown up on your music.  Your music has meant the world to me.  And I wanted to use this opportunity to see you in person and thank you for what you have given me.”  I picked two of his songs that have touched the innermost recesses of my soul – “Ellorum Sollum Paatu” and “Nalam Vaazha” from Marupadiyum.  And I emphasized that these two songs, among countless others, have touched me, lifted me, inspired me.  I told him that there was something inexplicable about his music that set it apart from anything else that reaches my ears.  A smile here and a word there were what he offered in return to my monologue that was really a thanksgiving speech.

After a few minutes, I requested him for an autograph and a photograph.  He agreed to both.  Oh, the security guard had given me instructions for that too.  I was supposed to come outside and mime the clicking of a camera.  And he would then ask the person sitting next to him to go inside and take a picture. (Why I couldn’t ask the other person myself is a thought that crossed my mind.  But I was wise enough to not argue!)  Did I follow those instructions?  You bet.  To the letter.  As I thanked HIM and walked outside, I could understand how the pious folks in my circle would beam with happiness after exiting a temple.  The ‘darshan’ would have given them peace and tranquility.  It would have given them the cathartic reassurance that a superpower exists, to give them the strength to lead their lives, inclusive of its highs, lows and everything in between.  The fanatics would even exclaim, "Don't you question the existence of God."  Well, 35 days have passed since my visit.  The impact still lingers.  And guess what, I didn't question at all!


Zola said...

Its wonderful to see this here in print Ram! Ofcourse your in-person narration was simply awesome. Looks like your directorial career is waiting! Its all in the NARRATION.

You really dared to go where most fear to tread - after all the KING (just noticed this pun in your article) has a reputation for being quite brusque and not suffering ignorance gladly.

Thsi is something you can really tell your grandchildren about

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Zola. I wish I could have written the post in Thamizh. It would have really brought out the flavor of the experience even more. :)
Since I knew about his reputation, I just kept it to a session of worship, sans any questions or controversies. :)

Zola said...

Couldn't agree more. It was superb when you narrated it in Tamil.

I tried unsibscribing and then subscribing again but Im still not getting the notitifcation in my email.

I'm counting on you to share your posts with me on whatsapp.

Awaiting the next 'short' (and the long) posts

Anu Warrier said...

I had a smile reading this, Ram. I can totally empathise with your feeling - it was the same for me when I met Kamal Hassan, Dev Anand, Amitabh... the feeling that I never want to forget.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for reading, Anu. I don’t remember hearing about your meeting with Kamal. Please share details here or on whatsapp, when time permits :)
- Ram

Anonymous said...

Superb! I can understand your feeling fully!

Zola said...

There's an Ilayaraja concert scheduled for 26th February in Gachibowli Stadium in Hyderabad.

It struck me like a ton of bricks while buying the veggeis this morning that the famous Ilayaraja concert WITH SPB inYMCA ground where guitarist Prasanna flew down from New York JUST to play 'Ilaya Nila' is something we will never experience in our life again.

Whoever attended that concert (including my sister) will attain Moksha for sure or equivalent to a Haj trip.